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I’m passionate about your product, I care about the best possible delivery of your company's image, and I possess the language know-how to help the both of them grow.

In the past years I've been fortunate enough to work with a variety of uniquely innovative clients, and thereby have gained varying creative experiences in drawing inspiration from many different areas along the marketing spectrum. 

My name is Ben Zimdahl and I'm 31 years old. I grew up in Perth Western Australia, and now live and work in Berlin Germany within a growing and exciting creative industry that is constantly evolving, and always providing me with the creative challenges I desire.  

I make it my goal primarily to understand and engage with your audience to help them to really grasp what it is that they stand to benefit from your product and services, and to achieve this with a language construction that is unique, clear, energetic and above all refreshingly and beneficially informing.

I am always super eager to become acquainted with and to talk to you about how, why and where we can employ my language abilities to better convey your company's image with a professionalism equal to and deserving of your business, your product and the services you offer. 

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If you're looking to achieve your content's greatest potential, then I hope we will be able to work together.

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What questions do you have?

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