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Contemporary Content Writing connects your brand with its audience in a meaningful, memorable way.

Expert business-builder content marketing drives stand-out brand communication with purposed storytelling and originality. Amplifying brand content personality across channels ensures your company’s unique value resonates strongly with its ideal customers.

Contemporary Content Writing's North Star is to serve audience desire and make your brand the recognisable go-to within its market.


Its corner stone is content creation that is value focused and impactful. Let's chat and see how we can elevate your content marketing with powerful strategy and compelling communication. 

If you're looking to achieve your content's greatest potential, then I hope we will work together.

About Ben Zimdahl


Hi there. I'm Ben, the content marketer and owner of Contemporary Content Writing. 

I bring eight years experience as a Content Marketing Manager, Editor, and Content Writer within Berlin's startup landscape together to work with you.


An ex Googler, previously the Editor for Central and Eastern Europe of the company's marketing editorial Think with Google, managing the regions entire content engine, I also bring legacy leading industry experience, practices, and frameworks to the fore. 

What questions do you have?

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